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George Woodcock Photography


Apple TV & Plimsoll Production

Director of Photography 

Take a look into the enormous world through the eyes of the tiniest wildlife and experience their amazing behaviour. For this series, I filmed the osmia bicolour bee as it builds an impressive tepee like structure around a snail shell which contains its egg. This was filmed on location, just around the corner from me in Buckinghamshire. The bees were incredible to watch, after they have laid their egg in the selected empty snail shell, they then begin to pick up tiny sticks which they fly back to build a teepee structure around the snail shell to protect the egg within. Having to film this on location had its challenges, as most the teepees were located on a very steep slope which meant lots of filming in uncomfortable positions and made setting up equipment like sliders very difficult but with much persistence and some dodgy balanced rigs, we managed to get the shots we were after. 

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