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George Woodcock Photography


PBS, BBC & Brian Leith Productions

Director of Photography

This pioneering environmental series was the work of the brilliant Brian Leith Production and had a strong emphasis on protecting the environment and nature recovery. I filmed several sequences for this series showing the efforts of conservation scientists around the world. From the restoration work in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique and the jungles of Panama, to the mountains of Bhutan where the government is trying to tackle floods from warming glacial lakes.  BLP was a fantastic company to work for, a small team of highly talented producers and researchers.  

"A beautifully made series. It’s about rehabilitation—how humans are correcting environmental outrages from Panama to Mozambique to Central China to Yellowstone Park.The camerawork, led by director of photography George Woodcock, is exhilarating." The Wall Street Journal. 

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