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George Woodcock Photography


BBC Natural World & BBC Studios 

Director of Photography

This BBC Natural world took a look into the different varieties and the unique abilities of squirrels, and how they inspire new technologies in robotics.  We filmed in the US,  at Berkeley University with Mikel Delgado, who is studying the foraging decisions in wild fox squirrels and whether some allow familial squirrels to take nuts from their hoard rather than steal them. It’s been found that squirrels are able to put on elaborate bogus food burying displays to deceive onlookers.  We also filmed with Professor Robert Full at Berkeley, who uses inspiration from squirrel morphology, and researching the mysteries behind animal locomotion to enhance the field of robotics. We also met leap specialist Gregory T. Brynes, Assistant Professor at Siena College, New York. Gregory uses wild squirrels to study the mechanics of the jump. Under laboratory conditions and deploying graphics we analyse the kinematics of the hind limbs to understand the physics behind the leap, the influence the tail has during flight and how the animals manage to absorb the force of landing.  Great experience learning about squirrels and also working closely with talented director Rowan Crawford. 


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