H20 : The Molecule that Made Us 
NOVA/PBS, Passion Picture 
Camera Operator 
Saving Planet Earth : Fixing a Hole 
Channel 4, PBS, Windfall Films
Camera Operator 
Florida : Americas Animal Paradise
BBC Natural World, BBC Natural History Unit
Camera Operator 
Weasels, Feisty and Fearless. 
BBC Natural World, BBC Natural History Unit
Camera Operator  
H is for Hawk : The Next Chapter 
BBC Natural World, Mike Birkhead Associates 
Principle Photography 
Attenborough's Wonder of Eggs                        
BBC Natural World, Mike Birkhead Associates,
Principle Photography
The Bat Man Of Mexico                                            

BBC Natural World, Windfall Films, 

Director of Photography

Super Squirrels

BBC Natural World

Windfall Films

Alastair Campbell : Depression and Me

BBC Horizon, Silver Fish productions,

Windfall Films, Director of Photography 

Giraffes : Africa's Gentle Giants                
BBC Natural World, AGB Films, Gripping Films
Director of Photography

Extraordinary Rituals 

BBC 2, Australia Aboriginal fire ritual

and Sumba Pasola. 

Puerto Rico : Island of Enchantment
BBC Natural World, Windfall Films, 
Director of Photography 

Secret Life of Owls           
Channel 5, 
Camera Operator 

Britain's Polar Bear Cub             
Channel 4, STV Productions 
Director of Photography
Body Clock : What makes us tick                                        

BBC Horizon, Windfall Films,

Director of Photography

Attenborough's Big Birds                                

BBC Natural World, Mike Birkhead productions.

Camera Operator

The British Garden : Life and death         
BBC 4, Windfall Films. Presented
by Chris Packham

Director of Photography

Televisions Opening Night                         

BBC 4, Windfall Films

Director of Photography

Michael Mosley Vs the Superbugs           

BBC 4, Renegade, Documentary about bacteria

Director of Photography        

The Secret Life Of Your House                    

ITV, Garden Productions, (1x60).

Camera Operator, Macro 


Spider House                                                 

BBC 4, Windfall Films (1x90) 

Macro filming of spider behaviour

Making Of North America                                         - 

NOVA, Windfall Films

Your Inner Fish                                                  

PBS, Windfall Films.  

Camera Operator 

Born In The Wild                                                        

Channel 4, Windfall Films  (2x60)

Director of Photography 

The Wonder Of Dogs                                                          

BBC 2, Windfall Films (3 x 60

Camera Operator 

Easter Eggs Live                                                                   

Channel 4, WIndfall Films (2x60)

Camera Operator


Foxes Live  - Wild In The City                        

Channel 4, Windfall Films (2x60)

Camera Operator 

Inside Natures Giants                                               

Channel 4, (2x60), polar bear, and horse

Camera Operator 

Jungle Gremlins Of Java                                               - Camera Assistant

BBC 2, Natural World (1x60)

Camera Assistant 

Wild Brittania                                                                            -

BBC 2, (2x60) assisting Robin Cox,

Camera Assistant