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George Woodcock Photography


BBC 4 & Windfall Films

Camera Operator

This was such a fun project to work on. I've always loved filming spiders so when asked by Windfall Films to fill a house with spiders and film their behaviour I was delighted! We worked closely with Graham and Janice from Metabugs who were intrumental in the success of the film. Providing and wrangling spiders for filming and their knowledge of spider behaviour was remarkable.  We had to set some spiders up in the house trying to give them the ideal conditions for webbing up but some species like the house spider, zebra jumping spider, and daddy long legs were found naturally around the house. Highlights were filming mating false widow spiders, ballooning spiderlings, and hatching egg sacs. Alice Roberts, and entomologist Tim Cockerill then took us  around the house delving into their secret lives and revealing some of their fascinating behaviour. 

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