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George Woodcock Photography


Channel 4 & Windfall Films  

Camera Operator 

Out of all of Windfall Films creative natural history ideas this might have been whackiest and most genius. The theory was to have a giant room containing all types of eggs, and to set up live feeds so people could watch eggs developing and hatching online, culminating hopefully with lots of hatching during the live show.

Revealing the wonderful and downright weird world of eggs. With cameras filming 24/7 from a state-of-the-art studio, viewers witness the amazing process of hatching across a wide range of homegrown and exotic eggs from around the world. Powerful microphones pick up such sounds as reptile heartbeats and bird embryos talking to their siblings, as life-or-death journeys are recorded like never before. The series was presented by Mark Evans, as well as leading experts on hand to answer viewer questions. My role in the programme was setting up live stream cameras, and filming insect egg laying, hatching. This was my first time working with bug suppliers/wranglers Graham and Janice, from metabugs. Highlights was definitely filming praying mantis laying otheca's and watching the nymphs hatch out, and false widow spider egg sacs exploding with spiderlings. 

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