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George Woodcock Photography


BBC Natural World & Mike Birkhead Associates

Director of Photography 

Sir David Attenborough explores his passion for birds' eggs. Piece by piece, from creation to hatching, and reveals the wonder behind these miracles of nature. On Skomer, Professor Tim Birkhead unravels one of the avian world’s greatest mysteries: the extreme egg shape of the guillemot. 

For this project I filmed Sir David's pieces to camera, Tim Birkhead's study on Skomer, and a lot of eggs. We travelled to the US to film with Dr Mary Caswell Stoddard at Princeton University who's research shows a link between egg shape and flight. As well, filming in woods in Oxford to film blue tits, who are specialists at adjusting the time spent incubating eggs to coincide chick hatching when there are high numbers of caterpillars. 

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