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George Woodcock Photography


BBC One & BBC Natural History Unit

Director of Photography

An ambitious seven year environmental series documenting six of the planets most threatened ecosystems. 

For series one, our team filmed Chris Packham in Iceland, investigating retreating glaciers and collecting whale snot with drones. In Brazil's Pantanal we filmed with Gordon Buchanan and the Oncafari jaguar conservation team, investigating conflict between jaguars and cattle farmers and the importance of ecotourism in protecting the Pantanal and its wildlife.


For series two, we travelled to Cambodia with presenter, Ella Al-Shamahi and filmed scientist, Pablo Sinovas breeding endangered siamese crocodiles in captivity and releasing them back into the wild to replenish the population.  With Ade Adepitan we travelled to Kenya to film with locals who face elephant human conflict and their struggles with drought. Scientist, Dr Lucy king explains the methods that are used to reduce elephant human conflict throughout Africa. 

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