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George Woodcock Photography


National Geographic & Plimsoll Productions 

Director of Photography 

Executive-produced by James Cameron and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, this series used the latest scientific innovations and leading filmmaking technology to reveal the secret powers and super-senses of the world’s most extraordinary animals. 

I was able to help film six sequences on this ambitious series, and had the opportunity to work with many fantastic people from Plimsoll productions.  In Hungary, we filmed the mayfly emergence on the River Tisza, in Belize, cardinal fish preying on bioluminescent ostracod. In the UK we spent a few weeks in the studio,  filming the adventures of a small Etruscan shrew. In my garden, we filmed death's-head hawk caterpillars in battle with toxic tomato plants, ballooning spiderlings that migrate huge distances by travelling through the air and the Alcon blue caterpillar that has the remarkable ability to mimic a queen ant to trick ants into caring for it and feeding it. 

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