I have always been fascinated by wildlife. From an early age I was a complete nature geek, always in the garden digging up earthworms, collecting insects or spending hours in my home-made hide obsessively trying to photograph a bird in flight. My enthusiasm for the natural world led me to study Zoology and and then a Masters in Animal Behaviour. I studied frogs in Sulawesi and then worked as a field biologist researching meerkats in the Kalahari. I was fortunate to meet a film crew in the Kalahari and assisted Natural History cameraman Robin Cox. Under his guidance, I started filming and ten years on, I have gained a wealth of experience in filming award winning Natural History and environmental documentaries. I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and amazing wildlife all over the world.

Over the last decade, whilst on shoots I have witnessed many examples of rapid loss of biodiversity in countries that are already suffering the consequences of climate change. Yet deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, and our relentless consumerism continues worldwide. Fortunately there are people committed to protecting the natural world, and who work very hard to stem the flow of habitat destruction and climate change. It is the stories of these inspirational people that I am most committed to and most enjoy filming. I have been able to document the work of outstanding conservationists such as Julian Fennessy from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, in BBC "Africa's Gentle Giants" and with Rodrigo Medellin in BBC "The Bat man of Mexico". 

I have been fortunate to film several BBC Natural World programmes. I have experience of people-based documentaries such as Alistair Campbell “Depression and Me”. I have filmed environmental films such as Channel 4, "Saving Planet Earth : Fixing a hole", which tells the story of the Montreal Protocol and our remarkable recovery from the threat of Ozone depletion. Most recently I have been working on the environmental series, "The Age of Nature" for BBC worldwide and PBS and "H2O : The molecule that made us" for  PBS.

I have a wide range of filming skills varying from people actuality based documentaries, through too long lens Natural History filming. I have lots of experience with filming macro both in the studio and in the field. I operate a Red camera, gimbal and I am also a qualified drone pilot.


Grierson Awards 2018 - Best Natural History Documentary  - H is for Hawk 

Wildscreen 2014 - The Bat Man of Mexico - Winner of People and Nature

Jackson Hole 2015 - The Bat Man of Mexico - Winner of People and Nature

Jackson Hole 2015 - The Secret Life in you Home - Winner of special jury award.

Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival 2015 - The Bat Man of Mexico - Best Film

Gran Paradiso Film Festival 2015- The Bat Man of Mexico - Stambecco d’Oro Trophy